Jan 23, 2013

Rooney Mara Is In "Vogue"

Sneak Peek actress Rooney Mara ("The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo") in a new editorial by fashion photographer David Sims for "Vogue" magazine.

In the new February 2013 release "Side Effects", Mara plays the wife of a jailed insider stock trader, who falls into a 'bleak depression' after a doctor over-prescribes her with drugs.

"I had a lot of anxiety growing up because I was so shy," said Mara. "But severe clinical depression is a whole other thing, and I guess I never really knew how bad it can get."

"I think that’s part of the reason I like acting...I can be someone else. I get to express a lot of things that maybe are hard for me to express in my normal life...I’d really rather hide behind the character. It’s like a party trick..."

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