Mar 10, 2011

Dracula Sinks His Teeth Into Piper's "Call Girl"

In the fourth and final season of Showtime's UK TV series "Secret Diary Of A Call Girl", prostitute 'Belle' (Billie Piper) embarks on a new relationship with best friend 'Ben', manages the escort business of 'Stephanie' and finds herself the guardian of Stephanie’s 19-year-old daughter 'Poppy'.

As Belle starts to manage other girls, she still finds time for some new clients, including a man that likes to dress up as 'Count Dracula'.

Based on the blog and books by the pseudonymous 'Belle de Jour', "Secret Diary Of A Call Girl" was created for television by
Lucy Prebble, author of "The Sugar Syndrome" and "ENRON".

"...'Hannah Baxter' (Piper), a seemingly normal woman, lives a secret life as a call girl, under the pseudonym 'Belle', as her professional and private life collide. Receiving advice from her best friend 'Ben' (Iddo Goldberg), Hannah is introduced to fellow call girl 'Bambi' (Ashley Madekwe), becoming close friends and giving out advice regarding prostitution..."

Hannah narrates the series, sometimes through voice-overs but frequently breaks 'the fourth wall' and speaks directly to the viewer.

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