Feb 21, 2011

There's Something About "Dejah Thoris"

Continuing the adventures of author Edgar Rice Burroughs' "John Carter Of Mars", Dynamite Entertainment's "Warlord Of Mars: Dejah Thoris" #3, available May 2011 is written by Arvid Nelson, with illustrations by Carlos Rafael and covers by Arthur Adams, Paul Renaud, Joe Jusko and Ale Garza :

"...A horde of savage green 'Martians' has surrounded the 'Warlord of Yorn' in the city inhabited by 'Dejah Thoris', known as 'Lesser Helium'. No red Martian will come to the aid of a backstabbing tyrant like Yorn, but Yorn has a big surprise in store, one he paid a very high price for. While the siege rages on, Dejah Thoris fights to free her one-time enemy, the 'Jed of Greater Helium', while 'Valian', Yorn's son, has thrown in his lot with Dejah..."

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