Feb 2, 2011

Firth And Diaz Plan A "Gambit"

Cameron Diaz ("The Green Hornet") will join actor Colin Firth ("The King's Speech") in the remake of the 1966 crime comedy drama "Gambit", written by the Coen Brothers ("True Grit") and directed by Michael Hoffman ("The Last Station").

Screenplay follows a London art expert (Firth) who aims to con a collector into purchasing a fake Monet. To help push the ruse, the man finds an American woman (Diaz), to claim that her grandfather liberated the painting at the end of World War Two.

With financing from Crime Scene Pictures, the new "Gambit" will start shooting May 2011 in London, UK, produced by Mike Lobell.

The original "Gambit", directed by Ronald Neame, from a screenplay by Jack Davies and Alvin Sargent from an original story by Sidney Carroll, starred Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine as two criminals involved in an elaborate plot centered on a priceless antiquity owned by millionaire 'Mr Shahbandar', played by Herbert Lom.

The film is told in a reverse chronological order, with a twist at the beginning of the story that is not revealed until the end, resulting in a punchline, marketed with the headline, "Go Ahead Tell The End - It's Too Hysterical To Keep Secret - But Please Don't Tell The Beginning!"

"...Cockney cat burglar 'Harry Dean' and exotic Hong Kong showgirl 'Nicole Chang' are seen executing a masterfully planned robbery of a priceless antiquity owned by 'Mr. Shahbandar', the world's richest man. However, it turns out that this foolproof scheme is only in Harry's head for now, still in the planning stage. When he and Nicole set out to pull off the actual heist, everything that possibly could go wrong does..."

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