Feb 15, 2011

Anchor Bay Is Sweet On "Wild Cherry"

The new Anchor Bay DVD release "Wild Cherry", is the 2009 comedy feature lensed in Manitoba, Canada:

"'Helen McNicol' (Tania Raymonde) is a high school senior in love with 'Stanford' (Ryan Merriman) her jock boyfriend.

"But when Helen discovers her name written in the high school football team's secret 'Bang Book' with Stanford obligated to 'deflower' her, the tables are turned and the battle begins when Helen and her two best friends, 'Katelyn Chase' (Rumer Willis) and 'Trish van Doren' (Kristin Cavallari) form a pact to maintain their virginity, embarrass the team and foil the plot against them.

"Their plan comes into full swing as the clothes come off, the heat rises and the girls show that revenge has never been sweeter..."

"Wild Cherry" is directed by Dana Lustig and written by David Kolbowicz & Grant Vetters and Chris Charney. Producers are Mike DiManno, R. Scott Reid, Gavin Wilding, Kyle Bornais, David Flanagan and Byron Martin.

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